Tuesday, July 24, 2007

146,000 iPhone Activations in First Two Days

AT&T posted their 2nd Quarter earnings today and revealed some numbers on early iPhone sales.

ales of the Apple iPhone have been robust. The June 29 launch allowed for less than two days of sales and activations before the end of the quarter. In that time, AT&T activated 146,000 iPhone subscribers, more than 40 percent of them new subscribers. Sales of the iPhone continue to be strong in July with store traffic above historical levels.

The 2nd Quarter only includes two days of iPhone sales so only reflects activations in those two days (June 29, June 30). While there were some activation issues for some early adopters, these delays reportedly only affected 2% of users.

A few additional notes: 40% of iPhone activations were new AT&T subscribers and since the iPhone went on sale at 6pm, activation numbers reflect less than two full days of sales.

Apple's 2nd Quarter earnings are expected on July 25th.

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